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Quanta Rodeo Ambassador: Kaycee Feild

March 27, 2024

Quanta Rodeo Ambassador: Kaycee Feild

Kaycee Feild knows a thing or six about winning.

With six bareback riding world championships on his belt, he’s had his share of glory. He’s also learned what it costs. Kaycee has shown us over and over that there is no strength without commitment, no greatness without focus, and no progress without passion. He has worked to build an extraordinary career. And we know something about that.

When the lights shine bright on Kaycee, we’re the reason they shine. Every day, across North America and around the world, Quanta employees build extraordinary things. Flick a switch, bump a thermostat, place a call, and you’re lifting our trophy. We know what it takes to power modern life. Doing the things that others can’t or won’t is what makes us Quanta.

Our rodeo ambassadors embody what we hold dear and know to be true: our success is built with hard work, outstanding character, and an enduring commitment to each other.